DMP exists to bring to life on stage the greatest stories ever told, by the greatest story tellers. We produce both ancient stories of the bible and gospel stageplays. We produce stories for the whole family and insist on artistic quality for all of our work. 

Great stories in the community:
We believe in the power of stories to change peoples lives and to bring people together. We work to build a vital community of artists who excel creatively through shared experiences and with whom our audiences identify. DMP strives to be the Lehigh Valleys Christian Theater Company. We seek community partnership to make our work  accessible, and to contribute to the regions cultural landscape. 



Founded in 2008, by Donna Mosley, DMP began by producing a modern day gospel stage play in a 1000 seat venue and the company was immediately applauded in the New Jersey Area.

During our second season we staged "DIVINE INTERVENTION" and the company was welcomed with open arms in the Lehigh Valley, Pa. area. 

In 2010 the company staged "JUDGEMENT DAY" which was has become our annual stageplay. The company has also staged "ALIVE" & RACHEL AND LEAH. Since being in the Lehigh Valley the company has utilized the space of Touchstone Theater for performances.  We refer to it as the historical theater where miracles happen.